payrollAs any small business owner knows, human resource management can take a substantial amount of time. Time that can be spent in activities that produce revenue for the business. At Baker’s Management Service, we offer payroll services to help reduce the amount of time spent on human resources administration and help get you back to doing the things that make you money.

Payroll services fall into two categories:

  1. Full service payroll is comprised of our office taking over the complete payroll function for a client. The client would track the employees’ hours and then report them at the end of the designated pay period. From there we would take over, running the pay checks and all the necessary payroll tax returns.
  2. After-fact payroll is comprised of our office handling the payroll taxes portion only. The client still tracks the employees’ hours and runs the payroll checks, but then remits a payroll report to our office on a monthly basis. From there, we run the necessary payroll tax returns.